Learning Management Platforms

Teachers utilize one of three Learning Management Systems to post assignments and for students to upload completed products in Castleberry ISD.  While students are engaged in remote learning from home in the  next several weeks, we ask that parents sign up to join their child's course(s), so they can monitor their online progress while students are engaged in remote learning activities. 

Seesaw Login for Parents of Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Students

Seesaw logo

Seesaw is a platform utilized at Castleberry ISD for student engagement. All kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade teachers utilize Seesaw to empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links they create in the Seesaw application. And, parents may join their student's  Seesaw course to view their child's daily work. 

During our district closure, we encourage all parents to join their child's Seesaw course by requesting a code from their child's teacher if they have not done so already.  Many of the remote learning activities will be posted in Seesaw over the next several weeks.

For more information on how parents can participate in their child's Seesaw course visit the Seesaw website.

Canvas Login for Parents

Canvas logo

All teachers in 6th-12th grades post daily activities for their students in a Canvas course. 

Parents who have children in 6th -12th grades can now sign up for a Canvas login to view teacher lessons, assignments, and due dates along with their student grades while their children are working from home. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get access to  your child's courses:

  1. Contact your child's teacher for an observer code, also called a Student Pairing Code.
  2. Go to the Castleberry Canvas login page and click "Parent of a Canvas User?"
  3. Fill out the form to create your account. Make sure to put in the Student Pairing Code.
  4. Click "Start Participating"
  5. After completing setup and logging in you will be able to see all of the courses your child is enrolled. Just click on any subject course to see all of the assignments, announcements, discussions, and more associated with that class.
  6. Return to Canvas at any time by going to the Castleberry Canvas login page and logging in with the profile credentials that you created.