COVID-19 Testing

Castleberry ISD is sponsoring a community-based clinic for COVID-19 testing. Anyone experiencing signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 or who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is eligible to be tested at the Be Well Primary Care clinic free of charge. Patients do not have to be staff or students at Castleberry ISD. 


Former JPS Clinic (behind Joy James Elementary School)
5300 Buchanan Street 
Fort Worth, TX 76114

Clinic Hours

Monday through Friday 
6:30 AM to 4:30 PM
No Appointment Necessary


All patients will be tested free of charge, regardless of whether or not the patient has medical insurance. Patients with medical insurance are requested to bring insurance card to the clinic.

Test Type

A Rapid test will be administered on site. If the results of the Rapid test are positive, staff will conduct a PCR test to confirm. Rapid test results are available with little wait time. PCR test results will be available after several days. 


Do I have to be an employee at Castleberry ISD to be tested at the Be Well Primary Care Clinic? 

No, anyone is able to have COVID-19 testing done at the clinic. 

If testing is free, why do I need to show my insurance card?

Testing is free under the CARES Act. If a patient has insurance, the cost of the test(s) will be filed through insurance to prolong the funds available to the American public. 

What treatment is available if I test positive for COVID-19?

Be Well Primary Care has medications available to lessen the effects of the virus. Medications are available from the Azle clinic location. More information will be provided to patients testing positive. 

How much will the COVID-19 test cost me?

Clinic staff will file insurance for any patient who is insured, but the patient will not owe any money out of pocket for the test. COVID-19 testing is also free of charge to patients who are uninsured.