Castleberry ISD Maintenance Commitment

We, the CISD Maintenance Department. understand the importance of well-maintained buildings, which is an important reflection of our operation as well as our pride for our school district.  We are constantly on the alert through regular inspections to eliminate problems and to give you a professional service that is unquestionably the best.

We aspire to have a reputation of professional and consistent, dependable service, which our CISD customers will attest.  Honesty, reliability, and customer satisfaction are the keynotes of our Maintenance Department.

Clinton Davis
     Maintenance & Transportation Supervisor - 817-252-2052
          email daviscl@castleberryisd.net 

Brenda Marquez
     Auxiliary Services Specialist - 817.252.2051
          email  marquezb@castleberryisd.net

Jerry Davis
     Mechanic - 817.252.2056
          email   davisje@castleberryisd.net

Felix Alonzo
     Electrical/Communications       alonzof@castleberryisd.net

Steve Pankey
     Carpenter                                 pankeys@castleberryisd.net

Barney Idell
    Lead  Painter                             idellb@castleberryisd.net

Hoa Nguyen
     Painter                                      nguyenh@castleberryisd.net

Brad Green
     Lead Grounds                           greenb@castleberryisd.net

Antonio Herrera
     Grounds                                    herreraa@castleberryisd.net

Fabio Sosa
     Grounds                                    sosaf@castleberryisd.net

Mark Boucher
     Electrician                                 boucherm@castleberryisd.net

Jerry Walker
     Plumber                                    walkerj@castleberryisd.net

Jimmy Reynolds
     HVAC Lead Technician                     reynoldsj@castleberryisd.net

Corey Galbreaith
     Grounds                                    galbreaithc@castleberryisd.net

        Our maintenance department is equipped to expertly handle every aspect of maintenance.

Please click here for questions about the maintenance webpage.