Castleberry Community Drug Free Awareness Coalition

The Castleberry Community Drug Free Awareness Coalition (CCDAC) was organized in 1998. It is a non-profit volunteer-based organization. It was created in response to the need for a community based approach to substance abuse and violence issues in our community. CCDAC believes that the involvement of our community is the key to addressing those issues. Funding for the coalition is made possible in part by community service organizations and private donations. 

CCDAC Scholarships 2017
CCDAC is excited to offer the following scholarships to graduating seniors in Castleberry ISD. Applications are available by clicking on the link below, or in the school office. The deadline to apply is April 7, 2017. Recipients will be acknowledged at the annual CCDAC fundraiser on April 27, 2017. 

Billie Roberson Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Click here to apply.
Billie Roberson served as one of the founding members of the Castleberry Community Drug-Free Awareness Coalition (CCDAC).  Billie dedicated 37 years working as a teacher and counselor in Texas Public Schools, 33 of those years in Castleberry ISD.  Her commitment to education carried on in several activities through her life membership with Texas Parent Teachers Association, Texas State Teachers Association, National Education Association, North Central Texas Counselors Association, and CCDAC. This scholarship was established in honor Billie’s strong commitment to education and the success of all students.

Brian Collins Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
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Brian Collins served as the Vice-President of Castleberry Community Drug-Free Awareness Coalition (CCDAC) for two years.  Brian was firefighter with the city of Fort Worth and River Oaks. He died in the line if fire in 1999.  Brian was a wonderful person who was committed to making our community safe and drug-free.

Billie Roberson Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Click here to apply.

Carol Nichols served as the secretary of our organization for two years.  Carol was a fifth grade teacher at Joy James Elementary School.  She was committed to her students and the promotion of a safe and drug free community.  

CCDAC Mission Statement

The mission of CCDAC is to advocate, educate, and support a community providing a safe, drug-free, and positive environment.

Contact Us!
P.O. Box 10035
Fort Worth, TX  76114

Jackie Pena, CCDAC President
Phone: 817-252-2019


The next CCDAC meeting
is scheduled:
March 9, 2017
5:30 PM
Castleberry ISD Administration Building

CCDAC Officers


Jackie Pena

Kristi Ballard
Vice President

Sandra Lorden

Nancy Crews


Board Members

Jack Adkison
JoAnn Butler
Jim Byrom
Anne Cozart
Vernon Hooper
Dr. Laina McDonald