3rd-8th Grade Summer Lessons

Castleberry ISD has provided daily remote learning lessons to be completed by students beginning Tuesday, June 2nd.

If your child doesn't have access to a computer, other electronic device, or have Internet access, please visit the Remote Learning Technical Support page to learn how to request a device or a router that connects to the district's WiFi tower.

Summer School Online Course Directory

This directory connects parents and students to their teacher for virtual lessons. Click on your teachers name to email them. Click on the course link next to their name to open that teachers virtual classroom in Canvas.

 3rd Grade Bilingual
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Muniz, Aurora  Spanish Language Arts
 Fontenot, Terri  Math
  3rd Grade Monolingual
  Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Arnim, Erin  English Language Arts
 Christian, Lorin  Math
 4th Grade Bilingual
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Bray, Jeanette  Spanish Language Arts
 Woodall, Heidi  Math
 4th Grade Monolingual
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Widtfield, Chrisann  English Language Arts
 Higgins, Hannah  Math
 5th Grade
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Mischnick, Sara  English Language Arts
 Gonzalez, Daisy  Bilingual English Language Arts
 Cepeda, Ilse  Math
 6th Grade
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Cintron, Clarissa  Reading
 Alegria, Madeleine  Math
 7th Grade
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Bigby, Janice  Reading
 Alegria, Madeleine  Math
 8th Grade
 Teacher  Online Canvas Courses
 Bowman, Parker  Reading
 Jackson, Pamela  Math