Technology Fair

Overview Presentation

As classes participate in "Blended Learning", students are prepared to participate in the annual Technology Fair. Projects can be created as a class assignment, or students can create their projects on their own. This year, projects can be created on an individual basis or they can be created by a group of up to 4 students. The Technology Fair will be divided into five separate groups for judging: Kinder-1st Class Competition, 2nd-3rd Grades, 4th-5th Grades, Middle School, and High School.

Due Date: - All projects must be turned in no later than Friday May 3rd.

Project Categories will be as follows:

K-1 Class Projects - Teachers of students in grades K-1 may work with their students and submit one entry in the classroom project event.

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Multimedia

Grade 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12 Projects - Teachers may submit up to 3 of the best projects from classroom assignments in each of the categories. In addition, students may submit an entry into each category that was not a school assignment.

  • Desktop Publishing - created by individual students
  • Desktop Publishing - created by groups of up to 4 students
  • Multimedia - created by individual students
  • Multimedia - created by groups of up to 4 students

A new rubric has been developed for each category as a guide during the creation of the projects and the same rubric will be used for judging the projects. The scoring will be divided into 2 parts. Up to 75 points can be awarded for the initial judging of all projects. The top scores will move on to the final judging stage where a new set of judges will score between 0-25 points for each project to determine the places of the top projects in each category.

All technology fair projects may be on public display so they must not contain offensive material or portrayal of violent or illegal acts. Any project not meeting this criteria will be immediately disqualified.

The winners of each event will receive prizes.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Class Project Competition: - (Scoring Rubric) (Sample) Students in the class collaborate to create one class multimedia presentation. Entries to be judged must:

    • present a clear goal

    • engage the audience

    • be free of any grammatical and spelling errors

    • include individual student work

    • include pictures/graphics, audio/sound, and text

Video Sample