November 2017 Board of Education Recognitions

November 2017 Board of Education Recognitions
Posted on 11/17/2017
CHS Recognition Recipients

David Vasquez, Interim Principal at Castleberry High School, recognized several students and staff from his campus during the November 6, 2017 Board of Education Meeting.

Viviana P., a Senior at CHS, was recognized for being an outstanding student at Castleberry High School. She is a hard working, respectful, and very bright student. Viviana takes both advanced placement and dual credit classes, is in the student training program, and is a member of the National Honor Society.

CHS Senior, Hannah O., was also recognized for being an outstanding student at CHS. She is hard working, extremely bright, and an exceptional student with the ability to grasp difficult concepts. Hannah is a member of the CHS Band and exemplifies all that a CHS Lion should be.

Mario V. is a Freshman at CHS and is kind, polite, and a hard worker who understands that a mistake is an opportunity to learn. Mario can always be found helping other students in class, between class, and during lunch. He is truly a student of excellence.

Ashley Wiesner, CHS English Teacher, was recognized for her outstanding dedication to the students and staff at Castleberry High School. while this is only her second year teaching and her first year here at Castleberry High School, Ms. Wiesner has made a tremendous contribution to the English Language Arts team. She is an exemplary classroom teacher who diligently plans lessons that are not only educational, but also engaging. She leads the English II team during Professional Learning Community time, and still makes time to sponsor the cheerleaders and serve on the "Because We Care" committee.

Assistant Principal's Secretary, Jessica Woodward, was recognized for her outstanding dedication to CHS. Mrs. Woodward is an extremely innovative and motivated worker who is willing to help with any necessary task. She has excellent communication and organization skills. Jessica is the CHS Varsity Cheer coach and can be seen at every sporting event. Mrs. Woodward truly exemplifies excellence in Education.

Special thanks goes to 10th grader Kimberly G., and Senior Mario M. for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to both the U.S. and Texas flags.