September BOE Meeting Recognitions

September BOE Meeting Recognitions
Posted on 09/22/2017
JJE Student Recognitions

Leigh Ann Turner, Principal at Joy James Elementary, recognized several students and staff from her campus during the September 11, 2017 Board of Education meeting. Joy James is adopting the theme of unstoppable this year, and they are setting out to prove that unstoppable is exactly what they are.

Daniel O., 5th grade student, was recognized for being an outstanding student at Joy James Elementary. Mrs. Turner stated that Daniel is very respectful, cooperative, and friendly with his peers and teachers. His favorite subject is Math and he enjoys playing baseball and football with friends. Daniel is unstoppable because he is a problem-solver and always has a positive outlook.

Joy James 5th grader, Alyssa B., was also recognized for being an outstanding student. Mrs. Turner says that Alyssa is always willing to help others, has a positive attitude, and shows great leadership skills in the classroom. Alyssa enjoys math, reading, and gymnastics. Alyssa is unstoppable because she does not give up on something because it is hard.

Arlene P., is a 3rd grade student at Joy James Elementary. She was recognized as an outstanding student because she is sweet, kind, courteous, and always sympathetic to others' needs. Arlene is unstoppable because she does not let any distractions get in the way of reaching her goals.

Melissa Buitron, Prekindergarten teacher, was recognized for her outstanding dedication to the students and staff at Joy James Elementary. Ms. Buitron is an extremely hard worker, inside and outside of the classroom. Melissa always goes above and beyond with any task assigned.

Mrs. Turner took this opportunity to recognize all of the Joy James Elementary Paraeducators for their outstanding dedication to the school. They serve their campus with great dedication and true love for students. They work extremely hard every day to give students the best in any class setting from STREAM classes, to special needs classrooms, and regular classrooms. Joy James Elementary is truly blessed to have each on of them.

JJE Paraeducator Recognitions