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Google Shared Drive for Advanced Academic Educators

Castleberry ISD educators who are teaching Advanced Academic courses at the secondary level or are teaching students in the Gifted and Talented  Program in our elementary schools have access to a shared drive through our district Google Drive. Teachers will find resources including Gifted and Talented Teacher Nomination Forms. Counselors, Campus Instructional Leaders, and Leadership can access resources and information.

External Links for Valuable Information and Resources

Texas Performance Standards Project
The Texas Performance Standards Project (TSPS) comprises a set of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for differentiating instruction and deepening  academic learning. TSPS enhances Gifted and Talented (G/T) programs from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Texas Education Agency Gifted and Talented Education
The state's goal for G/T students is to ensure that those students who participate in G/T services demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication. G/T students develop innovative products and sophisticated performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are targeted to an audience outside the classroom.

Teacher Tool Box II
A set of resources for teachers of Advanced Placement, Pre- AP, G/T students.

Texas Education Agency Advanced Academics
Advanced Academics includes courses, programs, assessments, services and supports that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate college and career readiness and earn post-secondary credit.

National Association of Gifted Children

Texas Association of Gifted and Talented

Equity in Gifted/Talented Education

Byrdseed: Lessons to Get Kids' Brains Sweating