GT Nomination Forms

Gifted and Talented Nomination Process

Any student in grades K-12 may be nominated for assessment in order to participate in the Castleberry ISD  Gifted and Talented Program.  Nominations may come from parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, or other interested persons.  The person nominating a student must complete a Gifted and Talented Nomination Form in order for a student to be considered for the program.

For students in Kindergarten, they will be nominated and if identified, placed in the Gifted and Talented program during the Spring semester, no later than March 1. 


Nomination, Screening, and Placement Timeline

September 23 - October 4        Nomination Window Open
(1st-12th grade)
November 4 - December 7   Fall Test Administration
(Naglieri & CogAT 7 online)
December 14 Notification of Placement & Permission to Participate Letters mailed
December 19 Permission to Participate Letters due to Counselors
December 19 Students Placed and Begin Receiving Services 

Spring Semester Kindergarten and New Students