REACH High School Recognitions at the CISD Board of Education Meeting

REACH High School Recognitions at the CISD Board of Education Meeting
Posted on 11/11/2016
REACH Recognitions

During the October, 2016 Board of Education Meeting, Wanda Byther, Principal at REACH High School, recognized several students and staff from her campus.   Erik Torres, a senior at REACH High School, was recognized as an outstanding student.  He has demonstrated model citizenship, excellent attendance, and determination for success. Erik has been Student of the Week and has had a poem published in the National Poetry Anthology. Erik is very positive, good natured, has a great work ethic, and is willing to step forward anytime his assistance is needed.

Autumn Najar is a 10th grade student at REACH High School and was also recognized as an outstanding student.  She has been the Student of the Week in English, Science, and Math. Autumn is very determined to finish school and comes in every day with a smile on her face. She has a positive attitude, is polite, respectful, and works hard in her classes every day.

A third student at REACH, 9th grader Juan Santana, was also recognized for his outstanding efforts.  He is courteous, respectful, and strives to do his very best. Juan is a model student and will be very successful in life. He works hard every day in class and also gladly helps explain difficult math concepts to his peers. He is truly one in a million.

Marisela Ojeda, Paraeducator, was recognized for her outstanding dedication to REACH High School. Her love for our students, wiliness to do anything that is needed, and commitment to REACH has been evident since her very first day. Marisela is sweet, kind, genuine, and has a loving nature. She makes an effort to bond, help, and motivate each student at REACH. She willingly took on the responsibility of overseeing the Spanish class and her students are excelling. Marisela has been recognized at the Superintendent’s Breakfast, and has received the Energizer Award.