Career Investigation at CHS

Career Investigation at CHS
Posted on 10/31/2016
FWPD At CHS Career Day

Castleberry High School’s Seniors participated in the first annual Senior College Day on October 19th at CHS.  While the 9-11 grade students were elsewhere in the building taking the PSAT and working on their future, Castleberry Seniors learned about various post-secondary options and careers as Health Science/Medical, Performing & Visual Arts, Law Enforcement, and Automotive Repair/Fabrication.  Just over 200 CHS students met in the auditorium to hear from principal Dr. Amy Ellis, and College & Career Specialist Tasha Sheehan.  Seniors were challenged to start now to create a post-secondary plan of success.  Students utilized their Academic Success Journals to write down both short and long term goals for the future, and to formulate a plan in which to meet/exceed their individual goals.  Upon completion of the whole group session, students were able to participate in four rotations through small group presentations done by 10 community & industry leaders. 

A special thanks to the following individuals/organizations that participated in this morning of learning:
1) Fort Worth Police Academy
2) Ogle School of Cosmetology
3) the College of Health Care Professionals
4) the Office of US Congresswoman Kay Granger
5) Universal Technical Institute (UTI)
6) Jasmine Collier of the United Way
7) The Art Institute
8) CISD Professionals Ms. Renee Smith-Faulkner, Ms. Stephanie Martinez & Ms. Stacie Adams

Students learned not only about various careers, but presenters also shared their own stories and experiences which really served to elevate the conversation.  Students heard about the effects of their choices, appropriate uses of social media, how bad choices & mistakes can drastically effect your future, positive digital footprints, resume writing, post-secondary education/planning and the list goes on.  Students were also encouraged to ask questions and be actively engaged in their small group learning.  Each of our community guests had a CHS instructor to serve as a facilitator and to assist as needed.  A special thanks to those teachers that went above and beyond as it relates to participation in those sessions and assisting our students in the learning process. 

For More Information regarding college and career planning, contact Tasha Sheehan at or attend one of the upcoming CISD College & Career Readiness events.  Watch our calendar, or follow our event announcements as well as additional CCR information on Twitter @tashasheehan